We leave in two days and with that comes the packing of two suitcases.

My faithful JEEP luggage from the past few years finally gave up it’s good fight this March when packing to come home from the wedding. I replaced it with a duffel/suitcase/wheeled cross from Samsonite. I like it so far, but the true test will be surviving this summer. It does look pretty snazzy though.

I also upgraded my camera bag. I splurged a little bit (actually, found a great deal on Amazon) on a Lowepro backpack that has a compartment for not only my camera, but for my laptop too, and comes with numerous side pockets and compartments for cords (and in my case, a pharmacy of Exedrin, Aleve, allergy pills, and prescription meds. oh, and snacks. lots of snacks.)

Maybe it’s the military brat that still lingers somewhere deep inside, but I tend to have to try not laugh at the people who agonize over what to pack for a long weekend vacation.

Each of our suitcases holds enough clothing to last two weeks without a laundry day. Enough toiletry items to last the majority of the summer.  And yes, the suitcases close.

In two days they’ll get dragged around the country. Bounce in the back of pickups. Get covered in dust. Get rained on. Get stepped on. Get thrown around haphazardly. Get dropped on the floor of yet another hotel.

If luggage could talk, what would they say? Ours see so much of the world that I can’t help but wonder.

But this, of course, is just a boring post prompted by procrastinating on a to-do list half a mile long.


2 thoughts on “Luggage.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed our visit! I love meeting new people when we’re on the road, and you have no idea how much our chat made my day! Thank you!


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